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David behind his desk in the first building.David behind his desk in the first building.


Here is some information about David's Garden Seeds, my husband's seed company. Ten years ago, David came back from Afghanistan and could not find a decent job to support our family. He began learning how to sell online by selling my books and DVDs. Gardening is David's favorite hobby so it seemed a good fit when he decided to sell some of his favorite seeds on Amazon. Soon, he started selling a good variety Non-GMO garden seeds. The business grew and changed as Amazon changed. I built the company website, did Social Media, and counted a lot of seeds by hand each evening after work.

Soon, David hired one of our sons, then several other employees. There were seeds and equipment in almost every room of our home, not to mention a lot of part time and full time people during the six years the company was in our home. By the time David had six full time employees, it was time to find a place outside of our home.

We found a perfect place with a small storefront in November of 2015 and moved in. On February 29, 2016, I quit my full time job and went on the payroll at David's Garden Seeds®. This was one of the happiest days of my life. We continued to grow and change and soon, we outgrew the building. When the building next door became available, we made the move over and now we don't have much room left. That was in May of 2018.

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Contact us by email at mrsdavidsgardenseeds@yahoo.com

My husband, David, started his seed company, David's Garden Seeds®, ten years ago and it is doing very well. David sells vegetable, flower, fruit, and herb seeds that include heirloom, organic, hybrid, and open pollinated seeds. All of his seeds are Non-GMO, they are counted by machine, and they are hand packed in San Antonio, Texas by our team of 9 members.

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