Heirloom Brussels Sprouts Seeds


You can purchase the finest Heirloom Brussels Sprouts Seeds from Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®.  They are delicious picked fresh from the garden and cooked with butter, salt, and pepper.

Our Heirloom Brussels Sprouts Seeds

Catskill Brussels Sprouts 200 Heirloom Seeds


Developed in 1941, Catskill Brussels Sprouts produce yields of extra-large, deep green 2 inch round sprouts covering capable stalks. Richly flavored, Catskills are excellent for fresh eating or freezing. Harvest in about 100 days.

Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts 100 Organic Heirloom Seeds


By far the most popular of the Brussels Sprouts, the Long Island Improved Brussels Sprout is an heirloom variety that’s been producing delicious miniature-like cabbage heads for over 100 years! Great on your dinner table as an accompaniment to any meat or salad dish. Plant Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts seeds in spring, summer, or fall – this is a very durable variety that can withstand cooler temperatures. The compact 24 inches plant will yield up to 100 sprouts over an extended period of time. Harvest in about 100 days.

Red Bull Brussels Sprouts 100 Heirloom Seeds


Cold tolerant for late crops. Specialty variety producing red sprouts which improve in color after cold weather. These excellent quality sprouts are solid and hold well in the field. Harvest in 200 days.

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