Heirloom Carrot Seeds


Now you can purchase Heirloom Carrot Seeds from Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®. Growing heirlooms is the best way to get all of the great flavor you expect. The most flavorful vegetables that you have enjoyed are grown from heirloom seeds. My heirloom seeds actually come from David's Garden Seeds®.

Our Heirloom Carrot Seeds

Atomic Red Carrot

Atomic Red Carrot (Red) 500 Heirloom Seeds


Kids will love to grow this carrot for its name and color, adults will appreciate its nutritional value and high doses of cancer-fighting Lycopene. Cook this one up to see its true scarlet color. Send your garden into the stratosphere with Atomic Red Carrots! Harvest in 70 days.

Cosmic Purple Carrot

Cosmic Purple Carrot 500 Heirloom Seeds


Smooth purple skin with yellow/orange flesh, Cosmic Purple Carrots offer a sweet flavor and dinner plate appeal. Tapered roots are best harvested at 7 inches. Harvest in 80 days.

Danvers Carrots

Danvers Carrot 500 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Market gardeners in Danvers, Massachusetts, developed this variety. The root is a rich, dark orange and 6 to 8 inches long. A first-class carrot for all soils. Organically grown heirloom seeds. Harvest in 80 days.

Imperator 58 Carrot (Orange) 500 Heirloom Seeds

Imperator 58 Carrot (Orange) 500 Heirloom Seeds


Excellent all-purpose carrot! Very flavorful, sweet and tender. Smooth, dark orange, standard long, thin type carrot usually 9 by 1 and ½ inches - this is the carrot usually found in your produce store. Performs best in loose soils. Stores well. Harvest in 80 days.

Lunar White Heirloom Carrots

Lunar White Heirloom Carrots 500 Heirloom Seeds


Unique, all white carrot through to its almost coreless center. Mild with a smooth flavor when eaten raw, when picked early. Really sweet when they are cooked! Deliciously sweet, Lunar White Carrots will soon become one of your garden favorites. Harvest in 65 days.

Parisian Carrot

Parisian Carrot (Orange) 500 Heirloom Seeds


Popular in Europe for many years, these short round carrots are considered a novelty. They grow well in soil too shallow or heavy for longer rooted carrots and are ideal for container planting. Use as you would any other type of carrot; an ideal shape and size for stews, steaming or just eating raw. Harvest in 65 days.

Scarlet Nantes

Scarlet Nantes Heirloom Carrot 500 Heirloom Seeds


Scarlet Nantes Carrot is a garden favorite appreciated for its fine texture, mild flavor, and very small core. Cylindrical roots 6 and ½ inches long and 1 to 1 and ½ inches at the shoulder. Can be grown for winter storage, but best flavor is from spring-grown carrots. Organically grown. Harvest in 70 days.

Tendersweet Carrot

Tendersweet Carrot (Orange) 500 Heirloom Seeds


Grows 9 to 10 inch long roots. This aptly named carrot is the sweetest carrot anywhere! Long, tender roots and very rich orange color; coreless. An excellent all-around carrot for cooking, canning, pickling, baking, and juicing. Plant Tendersweet carrot seeds in full sun or partial shade for a bountiful summer harvest. Harvest in 65 days.

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